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Seeing a Great White shark in the wild has always been on the top of my bucket list. I’m not 100% sure why but I feel like it’s something I need to do. Just to be in the presence of such an awesome being is something I’m drawn to. With our government urging us to Wander out Yonder, there has never been a better time to do it.

The small coastal town of Port Lincoln is located is South Australia and is the place where the Great White Cage diving tours depart. Google maps says that from Perth, Western Australia it’s almost 24 hours driving (just over 2300kms) so we could probably get there in 5 days if we stuck to less than 500kms per day driving.

The coastline to Port Lincoln is spectacular once you cross the Nullarbor so it’s worth taking the time for a road trip, especially if you love camping like me. The view from Bunda Cliffs is breathtaking!

Our friends Jason and Kathleen from Offroad Living have set us up with all the battery and solar power necessities required to do it comfortably 😉

Before we began creating Aussie Marine Adventures, I never knew a lot about Great White Cage Diving, but since Shaine and I started down this road to adventure I’m getting to know these beautiful animals and they’ve captured my heart.

Found in cool coastal waters all around the world, Great White sharks are the largest predatory fish in the sea, with the potential to grow to over 6 meters long weighing up to over TWO tonnes! Given this fantastic creature has been seen launching its entire body from the sea when attacking a target, the power of this being is incredible. To witness it first hand is an awe inspiring event not to be missed.

Interestingly, unlike most other fish, Great White Sharks have a complex circulatory system and are considered to be warm blooded, not cold blooded! This allows them to move around faster in cooler waters.

November through to early January is a great time for seeing them as it’s the season for Great White Shark breeding. Also, the water is a bit warmer for my liking. The Great White Shark cage diving season goes on until April, but I’m all for the warmer water temperature.

I also had no idea that children as young as six years of age could see Great White Sharks too. There’s a dry glass cage that is complimentary for observers to enter and still see the action, while the divers pay a bit more and can go in the cage diving with them. And the observer price is only $350! You don’t even need to be a certified diver though to get in the cage as it is just under the surface and you can pop your head up out of the water any time.

There’s also a bottom cage for certified divers to go cage diving at depth, so there’s something for everyone! The trip departs early with guests meeting at the office by 6am for a complimentary breakfast.

The journey out to the Neptune Islands takes about three and a half hours, and during the ride the crew are forthcoming with heaps of interesting facts about the Islands and its inhabitants. It’s common to see Dolphins, Sea Lions and heaps of sea birds too on the trip out to view the legendary Great White Shark in its natural habitat.

Beautiful bird life, including the White Bellied Sea Eagle which are common to the area, are often additional bonus sightings on the trip out, you never know what wildlife you’ll encounter on your cage diving with Great White Shark adventure.

Unlike some of the local competitors we prefer not to promote chumming the water with blood and have adopted a more sustainable approach to attracting the sharks. Great Whites use their lateral lines that pick up on vibrations in the water to hunt and investigate any activity in the water and we’ve learned that music is an excellent way to attract them in a more eco-friendly manner. You can even BYO device and see how the sharks react to your favourite music on request!

After so much adventure, it’s a perfect time to crack a cold one to make the long journey back to Port Lincoln whilst reminiscing the day’s events with new friends.

Cannot recommend this tour enough!

Visit the Cage Diving page on our website to find out more about our tours or make a secure booking live online. If you want to know more, call 0456 407 547 or email our friendly staff at Aussie Marine Adventures.

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Blog post by Danielle Middleton

Photos courtesy of Luise Ohl and Prue Wheeler

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