Swim with Dolphins WA

You can now swim with wild dolphins from the coastal towns of Rockingham and Bunbury, just south of Perth, Western Australia’s capital city.

Swimming with Wild Dolphins is a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Dolphins are magnificent marine mammals. Highly intelligent, socially skilled, agile, joyful, and playful creatures, they share many emotional similarities with humans and you’ll receive a wonderful view into their natural habitat with a swimming with dolphins experience by Aussie Marine Adventures.

Why Swim with Dolphins in Western Australia?

Western Australia tops the ranks as one of the world’s best destinations for memorable close encounters with these remarkable mammals. While bottlenose dolphins can be found all along the coastline, there are a few destinations where you’re more likely to have a dolphin interaction including the protected bay of Rockingham and the pristine waters of Bunbury’s Koombana Bay.

The Best Wild Dolphin Experience in WA

Providing unique up-close experiences with wild Bottlenose dolphins in the protected waters of Rockingham or Koombana Bay, our amazing swimming with wild dolphin adventures set sail from Bunbury WA, which is only a 2-hour drive from Perth or Rockingham (one hour south of Perth). You can explore the underwater world with a 3-hour swim with dolphins, snorkelling in pristine waters and frolicking with the dolphins in their natural environment. For those who would prefer to keep dry, you can view dolphins from aboard a luxurious vessel, relaxing in comfort while learning about marine conservation from experienced and knowledgeable guides.

  • Enjoy a light lunch, drinks and snacks
  • High quality snorkel equipment provided
  • Experienced crew to guide you on your adventure

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Aussie Marine Adventures is a multi-award winning eco-tourism operation and we limit the size of our trips to guarantee a high standard of customer service and environmental care. Our experienced crew will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable marine adventure with delicious snacks, drinks and a light lunch available throughout the day. With a huge range of interactive marine experiences on offer including whale watching, swimming with whale sharks and other magnificent marine adventures, we have action packed tours suitable for everyone. Contact us to book your experience now.

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