Whale Sharks

The Whale Shark (Rhincodon Typus) is the biggest fish in the world reaching up to 12 meters or more in length.

Luckily the Whale Shark is a filter feeder and these gentle giants feed on the tiniest organisms in the sea. You can safely snorkel alongside Whale Sharks between March and August from the north Western Australian coastal towns of Coral Bay and Exmouth.

In addition to swimming with the Whale Shark you will spend a full day exploring pristine snorkel sites on the Ningaloo Reef on a luxurious spacious boat with friendly and knowledgeable crew to ensure you receive the very best information.

Spotter planes are used to locate your Whale Shark and we even guarantee* you will see a Whale Shark on your Whale Shark tour! Delicious snacks, drinks and gourmet buffet lunches to suit various dietary requirements available throughout the day.

Swim beside the world’s biggest fish, the Whale Shark! Tours available in Coral Bay or Exmouth (north Western Australia) from March to August.

  • In-water interactions with professional guides
  • Full day exploring pristine sites on the Ningaloo Reef
  • Spotter planes used to locate your Whale Shark
  • Quality snorkeling equipment provided
  • Buffet lunch, snacks & drinks available all day

*Guarantees vary between operators so please check the details for each particular operator.

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