Orca Tours Bremer Bay

Killer Whale Watching in Bremer Bay, South Western Australia

Full day Killer Whale Expeditions depart daily from December to April to the Bremer Canyon. Tours depart from Bremer Bay Boat Harbour just 5 hours south of Perth, Western Australia or 2 hours from Albany.

Where can I see Killer Whales in Australia?

Our Orca tours (also known as Killer Whales) are conducted on a large comfortable vessel in the summer months here from Bremer Bay, South Western Australia at a location known as the Bremer Bay Canyon (located in the Southern Ocean about 50 km or 25 nautical miles southeast of Bremer Bay).

Guests often ask “How deep is the Bremer Canyon?“ and are surprised to learn the trench can be as deep as 5000 meters in some places!

Orcas are actually dolphins not whales (the world’s largest species of dolphin) and can live for 50-80 years. Males can grow up to 10m long. These intelligent marine mammals form lifelong bonds in family groups that are led by a matriarch and hunt together in highly efficient groups.

Join us on an educational eco-tour in the Southern Ocean to see these amazing animals in their natural environment.

How far away is Bremer Bay from Perth?

Orca tours Bremer Bay are just a short trip south from Perth, Western Australia. Enjoy a day of sightseeing and take a five hour drive south from Perth, or fly to Albany and drive just 2 hours to arrive in the peaceful town of Bremer Bay. This is the only place in Australia where there are reliable sightings of Orcas.

What’s included in a Bremer Canyon Orca Experience?

Join our experienced, professional crew on one of our large luxurious vessels for an eco-tour with a difference. Delicious snacks, drinks and lunches to suit various dietary requirements are available throughout the day.

All tours include:

  • Full day tour approximately 8 hours
  • Marine Biologist on every tour with educational commentary
  • Luxurious safe vessel with experienced professional crew
  • Professional photographer on board, images available for purchase
  • Includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Please advise us of any dietary requirements

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Contact us today to book your unforgettable Bremer Canyon adventure. Get up close and personal with these magnificent marine creatures and experience firsthand the majestic nature of these apex predators. At Aussie Marine Adventures, we offer a wide range of marine animal interaction experiences, whether you want to go whale watching, swim with Whale Sharks, see Orcas in the wild, or snorkel with dolphins, sea lions or  manta rays we have the experience for you. Check out our glass bottom boat coral viewing, snorkeling, scuba diving and cage diving options as well.

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